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  • Foulard Big Paisley-Navy
    $190.00 $114.00 Foulard Big Paisley-Navy
    Big Paisley Scarf with Fringe Navy/Orange/Yellow
  • Foulard Big Paisley-Red
    $190.00 $114.00 Foulard Big Paisley-Red
    Big Paisley Scarf with Fringe Red/Navy/Yellow
  • Polka Dot Scarf - Burgundy/White
    $190.00 $114.00 Polka Dot Scarf - Burgundy/White
    Polka-Dot Silk/Wool Scarf; Burgundy/White. 30cm x 140cm. Made in the UK.
  • Silk Patchwork Scarf
    $275.00 $165.00 Silk Patchwork Scarf
    Silk patchwork scarf; polka dot, Hand made.

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