Does Anyone Still Wear A Hat ?

“Does anyone still wear a hat, I’ll drink to that” — the primeval post-Camelot put down toast Elaine Stritch belted out onstage in The Ladies Who Lunch, fabled barroom lament from Stephen Sondheim’s innovative 1970 musical Company, that comes back to Broadway, March 2.

What is the essence of historic menswear worth preserving? J. Press meets the challenge currently pitting street chic against the tried and true dress rules of previous generations.

Does anyone still wear a hat? — J. Press proves the historic Ivy Cap is no longer a 1920 province of the Prince of Wales offering a multitudinous selection of specially made Scottish trim shape caps of roughhewn Harris Tweed available in classic Shetland Island Moorish shades.

Does anyone still wear a three piece suit? — For occasions requiring correct attire, J. Press offers versatile options, either Donegal Tweed or Brolive Corduroy 3-piece suits that provide a unique mix and match opportunity. The muted Tweed suit jacket works well combined with corduroy suit trouser. The corduroy suit jacket splits the bill with tweed suit trouser. Accompanying sport vest from either shouts “Anything Goes.”

Does anyone still wear a necktie? — Sue me for stating this, but wearing a suit and unbuttoned dress shirt looks gauche (lacking ease or grace; unsophisticated and socially awkward). The solution—J. Press’ encyclopedic tie selection. We offer literally hundreds of distinctly different silk neckties including our Ancient Madder ties derived the finest hand-block printed silks woven in England, Virgin Wool Challis, Old School Silk Knit Bar Stripes, Jacquard loomed Heraldic and Emblematic Crested Classics. Bring it on.

Does anyone still wear boxer shorts? — Cultural icon Lisa Birnbach proclaimed boxer shorts “the undershorts of choice” in her 1980 classic Preppy Handbook. J. Press follows the fold with a grand old-fashioned presentation of 100% cotton white and blue cotton Oxfords, Broadcloth End-on-Ends together with a former dress shirt rendition of traditional stripes.

Does anyone still wear suspenders? — Brace yourself. The finest imported grosgrain and leather are used in our adjustable braces. Choose from a vast selection of solids and stripes.

Does anyone still wear socks and garters? — We threw away the garters, but J. Press still holds fast with a lush selection of heavy rib Scottish cashmere “hose” in a variety of colors complementing sport, dress or weekend wear complementing Cordovans, penny loafers or sneakers. A pick for all seasons.

“Everybody rise for another vodka stinger—A toast to that invincible bunch, the dinosaurs surviving the crunch”.




It’s all about “The Way You Wear Your Hat.” It’s a safe bet The Chairman would wholeheartedly agree.

Greg Weber March 09, 2020

I once suspected that I was reincarnate from the 1930’s 40’s because I couldn’t shake the strong since of style, not fashion, but style of that era. Everything I bought was vintage or vintage inspired, from the wingtip shoes to the fedora, panama, boater, derby and everything in between including the tie, which for me went from the straight tie to the bow (J.PRESS has some of the most unique), the braces and I also up my game by leaving the garters for the shirt stays, used by the military to keep the socks up and the shirt down, everything is on point. Having a good shoe shine is a must, a terrible misfortune to be finely appointed and dull shoes.

Wayne K Woods March 09, 2020

Yes! I wear all of the above ,,including garters. The gentlemen in my family wouldn’t have been caught dead without a hat and other proper attire and I continue that tradition. It is getting difficult to find mid-calf socks which are appropriate for garters. Does J. Press carry them? Thanks.

Dave February 21, 2020

I feel undressed without a tie.

In 1949, as a new Yale graduate, I remember going in to meet the President of the Company that I eventually worked for for thirty three years. He remarked " I’m glad to see that you’re wearing a hat". I think that’s what got me the job!

Richard A Pinto February 19, 2020

My dad was the last generation of Indianapolis German truck gardeners that goes back to the early 19th century. He never went out into the field without his fedora. And when he dressed up for the German Gardeners Benefit Society’s Sunday meetings—of which he was financial secretary, he always wore his bespoke Harry Oliver double-breasted suit (made with an extra pair of trousers, of course) and suspenders, topped with his dress fedora and Florsheim wing tips. Dad was an honest, rugged, and handsome man—whether on the tractor or in the board room. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

Robert W. Emmaus February 18, 2020

Yes to all above !

Michael Long February 18, 2020

Back in the 70’s I wore a suit, a tie, braces and garters Since I was a salesman in NYC I also wore a hat, which I had “blocked” periodically. It kept the rain and the snow from messing up my glasses.
Today I wear a tie with a suit or sport jacket. Gone is the hat, garters and braces, except with a tux.

Charlie Hotchkiss February 18, 2020

Is the Washington, DC Store as friendly and welcoming to customers as the New York store?

John O. Hopkins III February 18, 2020

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