Recapturing the Past

Vintage classics needn’t remain an archival memory. J. Press Tailored to Individual Order allows them home to roost. Some of my suggestions are culled from decades of personal experience rekindling memory of superior resources abroad that still offer J. Press special materials in our own confined weaves and colorings to satisfy connoisseurs of taste and quality.

TRADITIONAL INFORMAL WORSTED SUITS: Finely napped kind handling Glen Plaid Urquhart Worsted Suits remain a keen personal statement for informal occasions.

WHIPCORD/CAVALRY TWILLS: These impressive old-time breech cloths continue their virile good looks and serviceable character, an undiminished choice for all general wear according mix-and-mix blazer/odd trouser combos in their distinctive tan twist that may be personalized with choice of either lap seam, center hook or side vented models.

SCOTTISH HOPSACK SUITS: Over the years Real Shetland Hopsack Suits at home in town or country are always available with selections of old time Moorish shades favored by the likes of George Bernard Shaw in Olive County Lovat, Black/Mustard, Deep-tone Striped Lovats, also serving prime choice for sport coat, sport vest or odd trouser.

CAMEL HAIR POLO COAT: Universally admired and culled from the J. Press archives, our easy fitting classic double-breasted model with two-piece half belt, framed pockets and full swelled edges and seams. Offered in luxurious Natural Camel Hair or Wool solids and fancies.

PEAK LAPEL TUXEDO: Choices available with satin faced or dull ribbed grosgrain lapels, tailored to order in choices of Jet Black, Midnight Blue, or perhaps Black Watch Tartan Fine Dress Worsted worn comfortably the year ‘round. Cut conservatively and detailed with flap pockets piped so that the flaps may be concealed, center hook vent or side vented accompanied by plain front trousers with full braid.

FALL & WINTER TROUSERS: Wide ranges of Tartan, English All Wool Saxony Hunting Checks, and West of England Full Weight All Wool Flannels in grays, browns, tan, window panes and winter whites.

Bring ’em back alive.

 Threading the Needle

RICHARD PRESS                                                


I made my first J. Press purchase in summer of ‘60, a blue oxford cloth BD shirt. Had a lot of guys (and not a few girls I was trying to impress) ask me where did you get that cool shirt with the pocket flap? Glad to see after all these years that iconic shirt is still available. Still making purchases after all these years. Very much enjoying Richard’s blogs. Let’s have more! Keep soldiering on. Thanks, J. Press

Richard Landerman December 09, 2019

For an authentic British take on the ’30s and ’40s country look, see the BBC television series “All Creatures Great and Small”.

Robert W. Emmaus December 04, 2019

I still wear the fabulous horse blanket, Harris Tweed Sport Coats that I bought as a young writer at BBDO.
I’d rent a Morgan for the weekend from Scotty Fergus,
and take a pretty girl to Columbia vs Yale in New Haven.
Now the jackets are staid, unexciting, the club ties not whimsical as they were with crickets, question marks and squash melons with rackets. Where have ye gone, lads? I know you relocated, but, truth be told, too much was left on Madison. Bring back the Trad.

H. Robert Greenbaum December 04, 2019

I’ve still got them and I still wear them.

I have my father’s camel hair topcoat. It’s perfect.
I have an Irish tweed sport coat which I bought in NYC when in high school that fits well and I love after fifty years.

And I continue to wear your shirts and Shaggy Dogs.

I love the stuff.


Peter Helmetag December 03, 2019

Bring back the exploded plaid Prince of Wales pattern sport jacket.

Ron Kuligowski December 03, 2019

I would purchase more items, if what was featured in the brochure from 1959 were available. The fit and the styling was far more attractive. The three button look is far better from that period. You might be surprised as to who might come back to you if these items were available…especially the blazers and sport coats. Many thanks.

Gerry Malmo December 03, 2019

I so completely admire what you do and what J.Press is about and hope you will continue to do what you do, especially in an age when time honored quality on every level seems to be disappearing in the blink of an eye, so thank you for keeping this wonderful tradition going.

Darrel Kanyok December 03, 2019


Tom Gorin December 03, 2019

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