Two Button Revival: Back to the Future

J. Press is not now, nor has ever been a ‘trendy’ clothier. We leave to other simulations of casual streetwear. Yes, we are traditional. We view synthetic fibers with circumspection. We do not feel glue is an appropriate substitute for the thread. We reject the philosophy of change for the sake of change and avoid fads that most often seem ridiculous a year later. J. Press style is timeless.


    Whether our customers express a preference for cuffs on their trousers, three versus two buttons on their suits, our mission is to satisfy these preferences in a manner that exploits the full range of our extensive resources.                               


    When I assumed the role as Manager of the J. Press store on 16 East 44th Street store in 1966, I disagreed with Uncle Irving Press’ unrelenting preference for three-button suits. I constantly badgered him about the many younger customers pleading with me to introduce two-button suits at J. Press. Irving finally gave in putting me on notice, “OK, Big Shot, they are for the New York store only. You pay for every suit we get stuck unloading to Filene’s Basement.”


    Never had to pay him back a cent. By mid-1970s two-button suits garnered 35% of the total suit sales in New York with no remainders for Filene’s. Dick Cavett sported the J. Press two-button model on his 1970s nationally televised ABC-TV talk show to much acclaim.


    The turn of the 21st Century found two-button suits diminished in popularity at J. Press, but not unlike my 1970s forays with Uncle Irving, the tide has turned.


    Affecting a more courtly style than our three-button suits, the J. Press two-button model retains our traditional natural shoulder along with our famous center hook vent. The body line is further accented by slight waist suppression characteristic of a darted front. Nurturing a longer roll to the lapels with single besom lower pockets, 30” center back length, 3” lapel width, our two-button model manifests a hint of Savile Role elegance while remaining true to its classic American origin.


    Our Two Button “PRESSTIGE” suitings are available in a variety of fabric choices including pinstripes, chalk stripes, herringbones, windowpanes, and plaids of imported superfine pure wool worsteds.


    Reviving the past and back to the future.







    Every suit I own is a 3/2 roll with the majority of them being J. Press. I do own a few from Brooks Brothers that I purchased 20 years ago, but they have sadly given in to more trendy styles whereas J. Press has stayed true to its classic style. The only challenge now if finding a dry cleaner that understands that they have to roll to the second button. . . I have had my suits returned a few times incorrectly pressed which is so frustrating. I also live on Cape Cod like another person who has commented and miss the Cambridge store. Any idea if there are any plans to return to the Boston market?

    Michael Kasparian September 30, 2019
    I have been buying three-button blazers and suits from J. Press since I was an undergraduate at Yale in the 1960s and the store on York Street was a short walk from my residential college. I used to buy from Brooks Brothers as well, but I agree with the previous commenter who said that he thought Brooks Brothers, once a peer, had gone downhill Thank you for maintaining your high standards and your dedication to timeless fashion.
    Christopher Brown September 23, 2019

    Never give in to the FAD. Onward and Upward.

    Yemi September 23, 2019

    I am an old fashion 3 button man .

    Stephen Dagostino September 23, 2019

    First thing I did when my son started school was get him a pair of J Press leather gloves at the Cambridge store. So sorry to see it closed up after so many years. Lot of memories. Ed

    Ed Redlich September 23, 2019

    I believe it’s Savile ROW, no?

    ANTHONY M REID September 23, 2019

    I have the J. Press 2 button “Pilgrim” model in grey flannel with a ticket pocket on the jacket. Conservative, sporty, and unique!

    Robert W. Emmaus September 23, 2019

    Good morning.
    Terrific, but I still have my three button…J Press and Brooks Brothers. Although retired, I look forward to wearing them this Fall and Winter.
    That said, I live on Cape Cod and MISS the location in Harvard Square! When will you be returning?🤷‍♂️

    Thomas Morrison September 23, 2019

    The complete abdication of Brooks Brothers - for starters, the Oxford button downs are a joke - has brought me back to J. Press. But even if I’m not buying anything now, I enjoy reading the emails. Onward.

    jesse kornbluth September 23, 2019

    A 30 in center back vent…? That deep…?

    Dimitri Pavlowitch September 23, 2019

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