When Shaggy Dogs Don't Bark

Shaggy Dogs don’t bark during all four seasons at J. Press. Wide selections of non-Shaggy Dog sweaters fill our coffers providing ample selections for a comfortable all-year thatch whether for casual office wear, saloon chic or on the 19th hole at the club.


Available in a merry-go-round of vibrant colors, our soft as a feather imported V-Neck Sweater provides infinite variety combining the breathability of 92% Pima cotton with a luxurious 8% cashmere, a wardrobe favorite all-year-round—whether as layering piece under a blazer for added warmth on a cool evening or in Sprezzatura mode draping Bermudas, seersucker, Madras, poplins or JAWNZ jeans. Available in classics navy, Oxford grey, crimson and tan or seasonal brights blue, green, pink and yellow.


The standby J. Press 100% Cotton Crewneck mimes the classic style of our Shaggy Dog Shetland Sweater in navy, natural, pink, red and denim blue.


My personal favorite for gym or dog-walking is the inimitable J. Press Sweatshirt. Made of a unique blending of 70% cotton, 20% silk, 10% cashmere in “workout” grey, navy, pale blue.


The J. Press cotton and cotton blend sweaters provide comfort for all-season wear while their more famous Shaggy Dog whiskered Shetland cousins wait for another autumn to commence.    


Richard Press


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Mr. Press,
Enjoyed your words about Sallys/ Pepe’. Both “Spots” fueled roommates and me economically during our Art and Architecture days. Marion and I accept no other Pizza, though New Yorkers to the core, and pilgrimage with friends 60 mi. each way for that fressing privilege. You’re always welcome to join us.
With Shaggy Dog wishes, ( our Springer made People Mag years ago)
Sending my best, G.Moss

Geoffrey Moss August 05, 2019

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