Come Home America

In 1959 my best friend and I traversed the European scene following our college graduation. It was the first time the Soviet Union allowed Americans to travel by car throughout the domain, albeit, accompanied by an Intourist 2nd tier spy. We met our Soviet informer at the Brest-Litovsk border continuing on Napoleon’s route to Moscow exiting via Leningrad leaving the Iron Curtain for Helsinki. We also bribed our undercover spy to steer us to attractive Russian women by getting him plastered every night with Intourist dinner coupons purchased on the cheap, serving him generous portions of caviar washed down with ample amounts of vodka. Evidence of the kompromat remains secreted in NKVD-Kremlin files.

The streets of Mother Russia teemed with hordes of Communist proles in denim rags, tattered shirts and battered outerwear. Unfortunately, the American folkways today remind me of 1959 Leningrad. Airports, malls, and sidewalks filled with people wearing junk sewn by 9-year-old kids in third world sweat shops. The normcore goes upscale ennobled by an emblematic polo player or some other logo.

Perhaps memory of the one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot awaits imminent revival. Iconic American menswear still identifies with the joyous camaraderie of touch football at the Kennedy family Hyannis Port compound, however staged it may have been. The fabled era of triumph and tragedy found its clothing moment on 44th Street with so many of its principal players suiting up at Squeeze along with other stalwarts in the Mad Men hood.

J. Press reweaves the yarn featuring iconic threads of American Style currently sitting dormant in the digital portals of public chic. Tweeds, herringbones, blue blazers, corduroys, Shaggy Dog sweaters, Repp and challis ties—the whole shebang remains an intergenerational touchstone at J. Press. Our 2019 Fall & Winter Brochure bears testimony to that storied past.

Come Home America! The Soviet Union is extinct. Dasvedania. How about purging its American facsimile with a return to Real American Style.

J. Press has the goods.


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