Dressing Up While Dressing Down

Last October, to a standing-room-only crowd at the Town Stages venue in Tribeca, Simon Crompton of Permanent Style in partnership with shirting fabric company Thomas Mason, kicked off their New York focus on the distinctly American Ivy and Preppy fashion styles.

As an on-stage symposium participant I sat down with @ivy-style correspondent Trevor Jones prior to kickoff, offering him my grandfather Jacobi’s three Golden Rules: Police the quality of craft, render meticulous tailoring detail so that each purchase represents a long-term investment, and have realistic pricing. “Grandpa’s company served as beacon of the look and I’m pleased that things are getting back their roots. One of the reasons I’m back at J. Press is they continue recognize the foundational ideals started by my grandfather.”

When a member of the fired-up audience asked me how to recognize the Ivy Look, I fed him particulars—study the J. Press display windows side-by-side the Yale Club for the visuals. Go into the store asking the well-informed personnel the history of each item of merchandise that perked interest. Further homework assignment: dig into the current J. Press Brochure, penultimate encyclopedia of American Style.

Reporter Trevor Jones noted the talk concluded with an audience Q and A. “Many knowledgeable questions were asked, but the comment that brought the house down was from Mr. Press’ daughter, Jennifer Press Marden who exclaimed “I have never seen so many gorgeously dressed men in one room. You look so much better when you make an effort.” That was the highlight of the article for me!

J. Press defines realistic goals for dressing up or dressing down in these uncertain times. You don’t need a suit and tie to dress up, but if formality defines the necessity, J. Press informs the choice with multiple options showing a suit and tie doesn’t mean dressing stiff.

Downscale dress doesn’t mean becoming a tee shirt and ripped-jean slob. J. Press thankfully provides a wealth of choice for dressing down that certifies the upper levels of gentlemanly taste.

So, take a deep breath,
Pick yourself up,
Dust yourself off,
And start all over again





Agreed to all above comments….

Plus, the city not just the same anymore up in New Haven w/longstanding storefront no longer there;

What an oasis of class it was!

Jas. McHale November 12, 2020

My three-button “Plymouth” model J. Press blue blazer is now at the alteration shop for long-overdue elbow patches. I have worn it with pride for many years and look forward to many more.

Robert W. Emmaus October 27, 2020

Look forward to Mr. Press missives each week!

brian marks October 27, 2020

And how! Sitting here at my PC while working from home in a J. Press tweed jacket with olive green cords, pink university stripe OCBD, and penny loafers right now as it happens.

Best Regards,


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke October 26, 2020

As Covid has disrupted so many aspects of our lives, I remain thankful that the “beacon” Mr. Press referred to remains steadfast! Thank God J. Press, unlike so many others, has not fallen prey to following the popular fashion trends that embrace the slovenly and disheveled “athleisure” look.

William Feus October 26, 2020

I must commend your informative posts that provide, without fail, an enjoyable read and very useful information. I recently purchased a Shaggy Dog sweater and other items as well, in great part based upon your writings. I sorely miss visiting the New York store where I dealt with such stalwarts as Jerry Haber and Peter Rosetti(both of blessed memory). My last visit to the New York store was in late February 2020-who knew what was coming? This too shall pass and personal visits will return but in the meantime, keep up the great writing-you are a lifeline to a glorious past and a wonderful future.

Gary Glazer October 26, 2020

Dear Richard,
Your brochure would best be described as the ultimate encyclopedia of American Style, as penultimate means “next to last”.
Thank you for keeping the flame of gentlemanly good taste burning.
A very satisfied renewed customer,

Gary Eichman October 26, 2020

Love the classic styles and the quality of the materials.

Don Steinman October 26, 2020

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