My Year Dressing Frank Sinatra

My Year Dressing Frank Sinatra

The current New York City pandemic way of life featuring an empty Yankee Stadium and vacant indoor dining brings me back to another place and time.

There was no pandemic slack on 44th Street in mid-January of 1969.

J. Press enjoyed a hard-earned reputation for quality, ensuring visits from New York celebrities – actors, entertainers, athletes, writers, and business executives. But things changed in a hurry when a familiar face entered the store and simply said to me, “Show me all your 38 regulars.” Our visitor was Frank Sinatra.

To read this story and many more, purchase the Threading the Needle book by Richard Press.

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These continual stories are great! Thank you. I guess 1969 was a time that southern California style of clothing was a changer.

Sims Harrigan

Wow, great story!


That is a good one…

Jim Pierce

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