Sizzling The Fizzle

Advice columnist Dr. Joyce Brothers once bespoke the need to recharge our tried and true unions when their sizzle starts to fizzle. It’s back to basics for J. Press in the Spring/Summer 2020 Brochure adding sizzle to the fizzle.

What can you do with seersucker? Plenty, even moving to the dark side. How about a single color non-contrast stripe of deep navy seersucker as a Bomber Jacket also expressed as a sport coat along with a lighter shade of Sailor’s Sea Blue. Expand the dimensions of seersucker stripes engaging multi-color sport coats featuring exploding lime green and pink stripes going hand in hand alongside old-time favorites Yale Blue and Steel Grey.

J. Press Poplin adds our new Martini Olive shade and Deep Navy to the previous Classic Tan offering an eminently versatile choice for wear as a suit, or separately, at times either for blazer or odd trousers. The merry-go-round of 100% Cotton clothing variety continues in our broad selection of twill trousers in Honey Gold, Lovat Green, Copen Blue, Madder Red and Wimbledon White.

Alongside our Classic Blue Blazer we have added two sophisticated versions, one in a Burgundy/Navy Plaid and the other in a Dark Green/Navy stripe bringing froth to the fire. Articulating a new category, assorted Wool/Linen Plaid Suits provides new excitement to a heretofore vacant genre.

Adding sizzle to the fizzle J. Press follows Dr. Brothers’ advice:

“The best proof of love is trust.”



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