Ties That Bind

Author, arts and culture critic David Coggins poses a question in his latest book Men and Manners, Essays, Advice and Considerations, “Do you have a sense of your place in the world and your impact on others? You won’t be proudly underdressed and mistake that for a sign of authenticity.”

Coggins joins yours truly for an evening at the J. Press store in Washington DC store on April 17th for a book signing and a discussion of his book covering issues pertinent to the best and the brightest at Squeeze. Serving Uncle Nearest premium smooth whiskey should help soften the blows.

J. Press once again makes it a smart choice to knot a tie and build a coherent wardrobe. To attempt to describe the infinite new variations of color and design we have assembled in our current Necktie collection would be an exercise in futility. We can only promise “The Necktie Counter Browsers” an embarrassment of riches in neckties cut over true-bias panel, resiliently lined and then slip-stitched for precise drape. Here’s the current roster,

Irish Poplin Regimental Stripes
India Madras Cottons
Patchwork Madras & Seersuckers
English Pure Silk Repp Stripes
English Heraldic & Emblematic Jacquards
Real Ancient Madder Silks
Seasonal Motif Silk Prints
Assorted Liberty Print Wild Silks
English Pure Silk Plains or Striped Jersey Knits

Are ties today’s caviar? Since my salad days watching Broadway musicals try-out at the Shubert Theatre in New Haven, I habitually segue my life experience to show tunes imbibed since third grade. Here’s my take on neckties courtesy of lyricist genius Lorenz Hart:

Finer things are for the finer folk,
Thus society began.
Caviar for peasants is a joke,
It’s too good for the average man.


Richard Press

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