J Squeeze Football Weekend

J. Press voraciously celebrated the recent Yankee Stadium Dartmouth-Princeton game in several venues. I proudly initiated current J. Press CMO Robert Squillaro into Dartmouth pre-game rituals hoisting a few at the boisterous Billy’s Sports Bar, a sea of Barbour coats in Ivy Style hullabaloo. Sadly my octogenarian lubricity was no match to my Animal House exploits over half a century ago. I regaled Squillaro with a thumbnail history of the politically incorrect scene that inspired the classic movie depicting the goings on at AD (Alpha Delta Phi), the fraternity next door to my own beloved Chi Phi, by comparison a drowsy chaperone.

Mr. Squillaro brought the weekend event to the forefront garnishing a classic Princeton-Dartmouth presence at 44th Street Squeeze Headquarters. Widespread among the tweed and OCBD wares, was arranged a vibrant presentation of game related items eagerly gobbled up by fans hyped up for the game.

The Big Green vs. Orange & Black sales outcome, unlike the game, is still kept under wraps. Baseball caps, school mufflers, stripe knit ties, college stripe hosiery, Princeton-Dartmouth belts and glorious Shaggy Dog sweaters in college colors with turn of the 20th century ancient striped sleeve in contrasting colors. A near sellout. Get’em while they last.

Mr. Squillaro and I sat peripherally on the Princeton side which afforded us a wave of green on the other side. Unfortunately a boozed-up Princeton guy was two rows in front of us clowned-up in an orange suit. F. Scott Fitzgerald must have been spinning in his grave at such un-Cottage Club deviance.

The Big Green triumphed 27-10. The Dartmouth school newspaper best described the curtain call, “And when the fourth quarter clock finally did strike zero, the football team serenaded the Dartmouth fans in attendance with a rendition of the alma mater.” 

We left frozen to the core escaping the inhospitable Yankee Stadium bitter cold, but unlike my non-Dartmouth companion, my sight was partially impaired with frozen tears.

Dear Old Dartmouth Bless Her Name.


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