White Ducks vs. Khaki Chino

My longtime installation in the family business occurred during the tragically short period of the Camelot-JFK era. During that time 44th Street was a manifest of the Kennedy ethos. The Kennedy white duck- khaki chino affection reflects the J. Press bespoke white flannel trouser custom promoted by my eponymous grandfather at the turn of the twentieth century to complement blue blazer outfit that was customary for weekend or resort wear.

Ambassador Joe Kennedy, Sr. preferred his white trousers in a more formal Royal British mode expressed by fine twilled gabardine worsted trousers. To meet the match, J. Press provides an enlarged choice Tailored to Individual Order to those favoring white or cream lightweight wool flannels, tropical worsteds or classic linens.

Archival Kennedy pictures illustrate the family penchant for white ducks and khaki chinos. Papa Joe, Jack and brother Joe, Jr. appeared in 1930s Palm Beach sporting white ducks anchored by matching brown and white Oxford full brogue saddle shoes.

The Kennedy era captured Jack and Bobby in Hyannisport wearing sport jackets over white cotton ducks. President Kennedy donned sport coat and khaki chinos chatting with Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. JFK throws a touchdown pass to his brother Bobby, both of them in chinos.

J. Press presents a post-Kennedy collection of plain front Khaki Chinos. First worn on college campuses by ex-servicemen following passage of the G.I. Bill of Rights and quickly adapted by students across the country, cotton khaki trousers remain a pillar of the Heyday Ivy League Look. Escalating the choice of white ducks vs. khaki chinos, J. Press offers our washed twill 100% cotton trousers in light Khaki and classic White.

A Hyannisport invite isn’t required for the purchase.






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