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Borrowing this column from my introduction to the J. PRESS 2020 Fall & Winter Brochure. Get thee to this brochure fast, hot off the press. It’s a blast!

My love affair with New York began soon after four years at Dartmouth followed by six months in the U.S. Army Reserves. After my stretch as an E-2 medic at Fort Sam Houston, Private Richard Press moved on to Fort Irving Press in the Big Apple. Filled with gusto for high times on the Ivy throne, I was demoted by Uncle Irving to a scrub learning the business adhering to unforgiving KP basic training strictures supervised by General Irving E. Press. His clothing sophistication and knowledge provided a brilliant mix with his Yale Law School degree, leagues above and beyond his competitors in Ivy League quarters.

Our New York second floor branch store was squeezed above the then quiescent northeast side of Madison Ave. and 44th Street. My gender specific job description—salesman. Was it going to be my personal obit: Death of a Salesman?

“A salesman has got to dream, boy. It comes with the territory.”

A year after my initiation that dream came true via our blockbuster move from its former tenement situation to the high ceiling ground floor emporium on the south side of 44th Street between Fifth and Madison soon tagged by the cognoscenti, “Grand Central Ivy.”

J. PRESS enjoyed a hard-earned reputation ensuring visits from a coterie of national celebrities—actors, entertainers, athletes, writers, business executives, politicians and society figures. Irving Press assigned me to be anchorman at the door.“ Hi, I’m Dick Press. How may we help you?”

After several subsequent moves J. PRESS has found a permanent home with its groundbreaking 2018 relocation, fittingly side-by-side the Yale Club on the corner of 44th and Vanderbilt.

As we shift into autumn and re-emerge from quarantine, J. PRESS continues to feature icons from both its storied campus heritage and big city Mad Men Heyday era. Chalk Stripe Flannel suits and ancient madder neckties share the stage with newly innovative ranges of corduroy, Donegal, Harris and Shetland Tweed, an untold variety of OCBDs, barking mad shades of Shaggy Dog sweaters.

I had a hand producing decades of museum quality brochures that dignify my library shelf. The spanking new J. PRESS 2020 Fall & Winter Brochure steals the show. Thumb through the colorful pages or tag the digital version

Large selections, depth of stock, timeless style and realistic pricing earmark our specialty shop Golden Rules: single floor, one salesperson per customer, and the unremitting attention of an educated and knowledgeable staff.

That’s the way it was when my grandfather hoisted the sign above the door when he opened his Yale campus shop—J. PRESS, Gentleman’s Tailor, Clothiers and Furnishers, Since 1902.

And that’s how it is today.




Please send me the Fall Brochure at 2541 Pascal Street, Roseville, MN 55113

Thank you!

Steven Bielenberg 10月 29, 2020

please send me a catalog at: William R. Butler
Po Box 1538

William R. Butler 10月 14, 2020

J Press is always a must-stop when I’m in New York. Lord willing, I’ll make my annual trip this year, but given the pandemic, who really knows. I’ll take a copy of your Fall/Winter brochure and drool in the meantime. Please send my copy to: Jerry Murphy, P. O. Box 216, Cheriton, VA 23316. It’s always a pleasure. Respectfully, Jerry

Jerry Murphy 9月 24, 2020

A copy of the 2020 Brochure would be most appreciated. Please send to 2381 Glendon Road. University Heights, Ohio 44118

Edward R Reichek 9月 21, 2020

Please send a hard copy of the fall/enter catalogue to my address in Virginia:
508 Lee Street
Bedford, VA. 24523

Thank you,


John P. Stafford 9月 18, 2020


Nobody knows how to tell a story as well as you.

James McCullough 9月 17, 2020

Dear Mr. Press,

I would like to see the return of tweed jackets with patch pockets.

Virgil Evans 9月 16, 2020

A Fall catalogue, please. Send to me at 3 Spruce Circle, Andover, MA 01810-4020 . Thank you .

Bob Whidden H65 9月 15, 2020

Please send me a copy. Always enjoyable!

Hugh Graham, Jr. 9月 15, 2020

Could you please mail me a print copy of your fall winter 2020 brochure
Georg Festetics
Jauresgasse 11/4
1030 Vienna

Georg festetics 9月 15, 2020

If consistent with your policy, I wish to request a copy of the Fall 2020 Brochure be sent, as I no longer have the Cambridge, MA location available:
Harold P Neiterman
195 Pleasant St # 320
Malden, MA 02148

Harold P Neiterman 9月 15, 2020

Gentlemen. Just want to insure that I’m on the mailing list for the new J. Press fall catalog as your men’s clothes are timeless. Unfortunately I am not….Nick Eula 143 Saint Clair Drive, Saint Simons Island, GA 31522

Nick Eula 9月 15, 2020

We are blessed to have Richard sharing these memories… I strongly believe that the “True New Year” is the fall. Back to school brings a fresh start to learning, religious holidays in the fall, thanksgiving brings families together and of course Christmas caps of the wonderful time of the year.

Fashion wise, there’s that extra layer… a scarf, a sweater, a jacket etc… so a fashion rebirth.

Thank you Richard… stay safe.

Anthony Kalamut 9月 15, 2020

My plan was to get back to your New Haven shop in October for my 50th Yale reunion, but that has been postponed for a year. In the meantime I’ll order my Harris Tweeds from the Brochure!

Robert W. Emmaus 9月 15, 2020

Good news and good luck!


Peter D. Sanders 9月 15, 2020

I have loved J. Press since my freshman year at Yale – 1964. My wife now shops for me at J. Press.

russell j walker 9月 15, 2020

Please send me a hard copy of the catalog. Thanks!!

William Rafferty 9月 15, 2020

Looking forward to getting my copy in the mail soon!

Joey 9月 15, 2020

Please mail the above booklet to me at; 81-12 Courtland Avenue, Stamford, Ct. 06902

Frank O'Connor 9月 15, 2020

Preceded you at Fort Sam by a couple of years. Didn’t, know that any of my Chi Phi brothers shared that experience. Hope you are well.

Ken Brasted 9月 15, 2020

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