Cocktails & Conversation


A whoop and a holler for the two spirited events that occurred over the
past few weeks at the J. Press stores in Washington DC and New York.
The DC architectural gem, modeled on the lounge of Yale’s Davenport
College, proved an ideal spot for hosting a conversation between yours
truly and author/cultural maven David Coggins also attending to a book
signing of his latest book Men & Manners at the soirée assisted by
generous servings of Tennessee bourbon that warmed up the crowd.



Libations provided by Uncle Nearest Whiskey






Richard Press chats with David Coggins





Event guest with D.C. Associate Andrew Koontz








The 44th Street bang-up took place the following week before an
enthusiastic fan base filling every available inch of the 44th Street premise
crowding into the fitting room and tailor shop. Zach Weiss, a social
influencer in the menswear community moderated a colloquium on Ivy
League style between me and G. Bruce Boyer, my former co-curator at
the 2012 Ivy Style Exhibit at the Museum of the Fashion Institute of
Technology. Bruce and I also shared the masthead as associate editors of
the news and nostalgia blog Ivy Style. Bruce also signed copies of his
bestselling epistemological treatise True Style.







                                                                                                      Zachary Pinsent of Brigton, England poses with Richard Press                                                                                                                          







Special guest Bruce Boyer signs copies of his book TRUE STYLE.







Columbia students inquire Mr. Boyer and Mr. Press about the future of Ivy Style.





Christian Chensvold (Left) of Ivy Style.                                                                                               





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