In Love With A Shaggy Dog

Just opened a UPS package from J. Press containing my brand-new Ivory Shaggy Dog sweater - exactly the same old dog heyday Squeeze brochures used to label Light Natural.When I was a pisher growing up in New Haven all the Yale big shots strutted up and down York Street showing off their light natural Shaggy Dog sweaters, a source of unremitting envy. 

Grandpa Press gifted me my premier Shaggy Dog (size 36) when I entered first form at then Hopkins Grammar School. Together with my 37 regular J. Press Shetland sport coat, 14 x 32 OCBD, narrow wool challis necktie, plain front grey flannel trousers, and Barrie Ltd. dirty white bucks, I was primeval middle school preppy.

Entering the family business in 1959, J. Press prominently featured its famous Drumohr classic—original and incomparable soft hand-brushed crew neck pullovers, knitted on hand frames in Scotland of the finest Shetland wool in 8 colors. Light Natural was Number One, capturing 40% of the Shaggy Dog sales.

Druhmohr has long expired, nevertheless 2020 Shaggy Dogs more than meet their earlier match. Eight 1959 colors have been expanded to a mind boggling twenty.

Trust me, they’re the real thing still redolent of the moors.




does the shaggy dog have a strong waist band?

jim kepley 10月 25, 2020

Where is threading the needle this week,miss the article?
Vince McKelvey

Vincent McKekvey 10月 09, 2020

I have lived in Florida for twenty years and own twelve shaggy dogs. However, I can’t resist buying at least one additional shaggy dog every year even though I have few opportunities to wear them. The new colors are great!
Ron Joaquim

Ron Joaquim 10月 06, 2020

The only thing i was truly hoping was under the tree last holiday was a shaggy dog sweater classic fit size large in light grey. Can’t wait to and another color this year.

PocketSquare 10月 05, 2020

My favorite light grey sweater !! I simply love it . Nothing else to say …

Dominique Demortier 10月 05, 2020

Well do I remember my first shaggy dog: I was all of 16, a junior in high school so it was 1965. It cost me all of 17 bucks, plus the 17 bucks for loafers at Barries next door. Nothing left for the Press shirts but the OCBD"s from either Gant or Sero at the Co-Op were 3 for 11 bucks, I think. For someone working evenings and weekends washing cars for $1.25/Hr life was expensive but well worth it.

Frederick Johnson 10月 05, 2020

wait! I found the ivory color online. seems close enough.

bob semple 10月 05, 2020

Can you offer any of these for $129.51? That is the 2020 equivalent of 1959’s $14.50.

Andrew 10月 05, 2020

Well, great, but that light natural you rave about does not seem to exist anymore, or anything close to it. I went by the Vanderbilt store and went online. and could not find it. Even beige seemed inaccessible.

bob semple 10月 05, 2020

Is the shaggy dog available in 3X?

Bob Whidden 10月 05, 2020

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