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You learn a lot in 116 years of devotion to a single enterprise. Up to the current day J. Press has made and fitted garments for hundreds of thousands of men. Our heritage as a custom tailor, plus our exclusive use of the finest materials, means that J. Press suits, sport coats or trousers will fit far better “off the rack” than you might otherwise imagine. Adding to that the personal attention of skilled fitters and tailors inspires the confidence of a garment that will be comfortable and flattering.

For those who desire the many benefits of “Tailored to Individual Order” more benefits accrue. These include a wide selection of the world’s finest fabrics and the use of only the best quality canvas, linings, trimmings and findings. Cutting from a customer’s exact measurements the order is drafted by a highly skilled patternmaker, careful hand tailoring through out the garment is accomplished by a master tailor devoting a lifetime to his craft. Expert fitting at the first try-on “in the rough” and at completion ensures perfect comfort and balance throughout.

The current stock at J. Press confirms the confidence shared by so many Squeeze regulars over the years. Our ties are hand-sewn of imported silks woven to our exact specifications and finished with premium linings. The full box pleat of our dress shirts allows a comfortable fit throughout the shoulders without requiring excess fabric at the waist. The pockets on our plain front trousers are cut on the bias, rather than vertically on the seam for easier access and to reduce pull. Our belt loops accommodate comfortably both the traditional width dress belt and other wider sport belts.

J. Press Prime is reflected in the natural shoulder tailoring and high notch lapels that provide a flattering silhouette and comfortable fit. Jacket sleeves are cut, placed and finished with extreme care. The barrel cuff is perfectly proportioned. Jacket sleeves accommodate both barrel and French cuffs. Our jacket pockets are sewn “into” each garment, rather than “tacked” on for a more custom look.

My first appearance in Ivy Style, the nostalgia and fashion blog, occurred seven years ago in an interview with Founder and Editor-in-Chief Christian Chensvold. He asked me the genesis of J. Press signature items. His query about hooked center vents prompted my reply:

“The fully lined steep hooked center vent assures a smoother drape, falls closed more readily and resists stretching during extended seating hours. Up until World War II, J. Press was primarily a custom tailor shop. After the war, Irving Press and Paul Press decided to manufacture ready-made suits, but knew they had to differentiate themselves from competitors. They noticed that with single-vented jackets, particularly if a guy had a big seat, the vent would separate and it was very unsightly. So they developed the hook center vent.”

Kurt Barnard, publisher of the Retail Marketing Report was quoted in the New York Times, October 27, 1986 article, about the sale of J. Press to Kashiyama USA Inc. Referring to J. Press, “They are little, yes, but they do have an impact.”

Reminds me of Daniel Webster’s parallel comment about my other alma mater, Dartmouth College, “It is, Sir…a small college…Yet, there are those who love it.”



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