Press Family Continuity

Benjamin Jacobi Press’s wardrobe always exhibited his great-grandfather Jacobi’s clothing philosophy regardless of current circumstances, proudly exhibiting long-term value of the J. Press product, its quality of craft and good taste.


Father’s Day, 42 years ago at Ben’s Buckley School, we boosted the brand at the iconic New York all-boys secondary school sporting red plaid and red corduroy trousers topped by Ben’s individually tailored blue blazer and my Dartmouth Green—1977 outfits still available at J. Press, with only the green blazer necessarily tailored to individual order.


My son’s career spanned an early stint interning George H.W. Bush’s White House now segueing in the opposite direction with Joe Biden. A longtime member of the Hollywood entertainment community, his wardrobe was often a hand-me-down bequeathed to him by his late grandfather, my father Paul Press. Attending a campaign event with Joe Biden, Ben is clad in his late grandfather’s 1971 bespoke suit coat minus its worn-out trouser, coincidentally tagging the current trend mixing and matching grey multi-striped suit jacket with a pair of dark grey cotton slacks.

Graduating from Middlebury College, Ben lent a hand at the George H.W. Bush White House. He is pictured with President and Mrs. Bush in 1989 appropriately dressed as if out of the show windows at the J. Press Washington, DC store on Avenue L. The evening prior to the Bush inauguration Ben was assigned to accompany a rather famous former J. Press customer for the pre-Inauguration stage show. Ben called to let me know that Sinatra recounted the good times he had at J. Press with his father “Richie” so many years back. Frank Sinatra, sans tie, Ben Press upholding J. Press tradition in tightly knotted and pinned red challis tie and contrast collar shirt.

 Show Biz rears its not so ugly head. Talent agent Ben Press accompanies client and friend Elle Macpherson to the 2012 Golden Globe Awards dressed in a 1968 dinner jacket made for his Grandpa Paul. The tradly duds got Ben named one of the evenings “best dressed” according to the London Daily Mail’s Alex Shekarchman.


Time marches on.

J. Press Threading the Needle




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