Puttin’ On The Ritz

Summertime is when living should be easy. Despite being embattled in face masks and protective gloves, hopefully things may be made a trifle easier via a refreshed wardrobe

J. Press fittingly restarts the summer season allowing adherents to once again join us on 44th Street, College Street and Avenue L as in days of yore.

British humorist and author P.G. Wodehouse in his LOL 1934 screamer Right Ho, permits valet Jeeves to delineate dunderhead lead character Bertie Wooster, “a great believer in the moral effect of clothes emboldened by a striking costume.” 

So it may be for the occasional J. Press patron quarantined for months on end in the trenches at home. Permission hereby granted to cast off sweatpants, pajamas and pantaloons to spread your wings to the sky in trad costume perhaps less lordly than Bertie Wooster, but one that exhibits heritage Ivy trad rather than the more common rube street style t-shirts and jeans.

J. Press runs the gamut of warm weather classics with its manifest of poplin shorts, classier then jeans khaki trousers, “go to hell” Madras expressed in trousers, sport coats, sport shirts, Bermuda shorts and lest we forget, an abundance of seersucker.

Office or Weekend Wear is further emboldened by our newly devised selection of blazers extending beyond traditional blue premiering our unique genre of understated regimental stripes and muted plaids.

The boundaries at J. Press fusing Fortune 500 boardroom sensibility with weekend in the country party time are boundless. Opportunities to review ongoing available choices remain extant by perusing the colorful 2020 Spring and Summer Brochure or exploring late season choices on the accompanying website.


If you’re blue and don’t know where to go

Why don’t you go to J. PRESS?

Where understated fashion sits,

Puttin’ On The Ritz.




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