Trouser Island

The long thread of my life has allowed me to ingest 2/3 century of cultural change. Yet here I am associated once again with my former family company, a trouser island unto itself holding forth against sloppy pants.

Just received a J. Press email headlined “Fall’s Casual Trousers.” I read it under the covers as if it were The Amboy Dukes, my favorite sixth grade dirty book. J. Press sharing neighborly quarters on 44th and Vanderbilt with the Yale Club whose unforgiving dress code specifies “Denim, neat clean and in good repair.” We do Boola Boola one better.

Proletarian denim either well pressed or dry-cleaned are beyond the fringe compared to J. Press 100% cotton brushed twill trousers woven in England and tailored in the USA. They represent the defining statement upgrading casual wear in a range of colors that hypes the blazer, sport coat or sweater they accompany.

A step up for surface ambiance further enhances our encyclopedic selection of mid wale combed cotton Corduroy trousers featured in a coloratura of elaborate shades with runs, trills, wide leaps assisting a gentleman’s art dressing down.

Don’t want to wear a suit? Fake it. Up the game with good old-fashioned grey flannels or worsted gabardine twills that fitting work with Shaggy Dogs or Harris Tweed.

Baby, please, you must be out of your mind
Can you hear me say that I don’t want your dirty denim?





Your reference to twill intrigued me. I have a pair of twenty year old trousers made of cavalry twill which i still break out on Fall days. This is the most wonderful, long wearing material. Is it possible that J. Press might be willing to bring it back? The reference to cavalry comes from the fact that the U.S. Army Cavalry as well as most private persons who were horseback riders all had there riding pants made of this material. it wore like iron and took all of the wear and tear that one’s legs took while trotting or galloping a horse.

All the best,
Dick Pinto

Richard A Pinto 11月 12, 2020

Back home in Indiana, where Booth Tarkington and I are from, denim was worn mostly for overalls by the old men and patched bluejeans by the boys. It was authentic and honorable workwear for the field, farm, and garage. However, when I became a student at DePauw and Yale, I learned the value of pressed khakis and OCBD shirts. Understated, perhaps. But always correct.

Robert W. Emmaus 11月 09, 2020

Why does J. Press not sell front pleated trousers any longer?

Ernest Nanor 11月 09, 2020

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