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1950s Vulcain Grand Prix Exactomatic

1950s Vulcain Grand Prix Exactomatic


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An unusual and interesting Vulcain Grand Prix Exactomatic automatic watch. The Vulcain brand is probably best known for its Cricket, alarm watches. But, this rare bird was also being produced by the Swiss watch maker at this time. It has an impressive addition to the take on a classic watch; a power reserve indicator. This can be seen at a different placement too on the dial. It was really only Jaeger LeCoultre that were incorporating power reserve indicators on the dial at this time, with the Powerwind being introduced in 1948. Normally found on the middle or bottom half of the dial, this time it sits centrally, indicating just below the 12 o'clock position. It will display when the watch has full wind, and will count down from having 36 hours of time left until it is out of power. This can be manually wound into the watch, and does not have to be worn to use the automatic movement to gain the power in the movement. This is actually a fun activity as you can watch it load up as you wind.

The case is a 14k gold filled case, and a larger size for this period around 35mm. It features a screw back case back ensuring for more secure closure keeping moisture and dirt from entering the movement. This is a more expensive way to engineer the case, as opposed to a more simple snap back. This is also a reason as to why the dial is in such excellent condition. Screw back watches create a better seal inside the case, thus protecting both the movement and dial. The golden dial is very good looking with unusual stylized arrow head and hourglass shaped markers. The dial is all original and not refinished.

The watch is presented in excellent original condition throughout. The case is unpolished and showing little signs of heavy use. Super for being close to 70 years old. If you are looking for something quite traditional, but with a little horological twist, then this unusual reference is a great watch to fill the need.

Case measurement: 35mm

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