No Helmets Or Padding

No Helmets Or Padding

Football great Joe Theismann comparing his football time to Rugby, “The players don’t wear helmets or padding; they just beat the living daylights out of each other and then go for a beer. I love that.”

My rugby experience was as a spectator only. My son Ben played rugby decades ago at Middlebury College. Together with my dad, Paul Press and wife, Vida, we travelled to Middletown, Connecticut to watch a Middlebury-Wesleyan encounter. It was particularly stressful for my wife as ambulances departed the field every fifteen minutes carrying members of both teams out on stretchers. Ben survived the match, Middlebury won with each of us saying prayers for his survival.

Fred Davidson a best friend from Loomis Chaffee and Dartmouth, now a longtime citizen of Australia able to regularly attend big time Rugby games. Fred was dropped from varsity freshman football after receiving debilitating fractures. He addressed his athletic deficit playing Dartmouth Rugby, then an off-season ritual populated mainly by members of the Dartmouth varsity team sneaking in illegal Ivy League Spring Training. Much like Theismann’s post-game beer brawls, the Dartmouth Rugby squad ended up quaffing kegs of ‘Gansett in rancid fraternity basements of the Animal House Era.

Vintage photo of Rugby TeamThe Rugby shirt has long been a wardrobe mainstay for both players and spectators alike. J. Press features assorted Rugby selections from its historic past observing the traditional details: 100% heavyweight cotton jersey fabric, durable cotton twill collar, underarm gussets, rubber buttons and a full classic fit. Offered in solids and stripes and all made in the USA.

J. Press Rugby Shirts

The real deal. Can’t wait to wear one for a scrum at JG Melon.





What you say applies equally to woman’s rugby. I learned this the hard way through a memorable “May—December” romance which she started but I was unable to keep up with, proper rugby attire notwithstanding to the contrary!

Robert W. Emmaus

What happened to the game among Dartmouth athletes? Has the administration pulled the RUGby out from under them?

Donald Robert Wilson

Brings back memories! I played from college until I was 40. My kids wear my old jerseys! I picked up one of your jerseys last week – it has the twill collar, rubber buttons and hefty weave that I remember from when I was a second row! Thanks.

Stephen Chrzanowski