Press Family Celebrity Archives

Press Family Celebrity Archives

From the family archives—Give ‘em Elle: J. Press & Elle Macpherson at The Golden Globes, January 17, 2012.

Hollywood’s status as an epicenter of impeccable sartorial taste is long gone, but there was at least one guest at the Golden Globe Awards nine years ago that gave a nod to the fine-tailored days of yore.

My son, a former talent agent, upheld his great-grandfather’s wardrobe legacy. Ben accompanied his client and longtime friend Elle Macpherson, dressed in a dinner jacket made for his grandfather Paul (my father, if you’re having trouble following the family tree) in 1968. The formal “trad” outfit got Ben named one of the evening’s best dressed according to the London Daily Mail’s Alex Shekarchman.

The 1969 J. Press-Frank Sinatra affiliation achieved newfound renaissance during the 1989 George H.W. Bush inauguration festivities. Ben taking time off during his senior year at Middlebury College, interned for the Bush Inauguration Committee and was assigned to accompany Sinatra prior to his stage appearance at the Inauguration Gala. When Ben introduced himself to Sinatra recalling his dad’s frequent rendition of his time with Ol’ Blue Eyes at J. Press, Sinatra cut him short asking “How are Richie and Vida. Knocked off plenty of Jack Daniels with your dad.” Yep, he filled Ben in on the shared comity. Note my son isn’t wearing bespoke, strictly remainder campus duds.

Ben’s 25 years in the entertainment business find him currently Chief Business Development Officer, an enterprise devoted to the uninhibited, authentic expression of Asian-American identity.

A long journey from the Press family shtetl in 19th century Europe leading to the founding of J. Press in 1902, with Ben ending up in Hollywood rather distant from the pins and needles of 262 York Street.

But still the bloodlines runneth over.






Thanks for the interesting article.

Hal Miller

J.Press should have opened a branch in Los Angeles.

Mike Levy

I still prefer self tied bow ties!

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