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From my early college days at dear old Dartmouth to my current walks with Granddog Rolo on the sometimes blistery cold West Village sidewalks of New York, I continue to favor my weather resistant Treasure Chest Classic, the all-purpose J. Press Reversible Outercoat introduced by my grandfather in his York Street shop prior to World War I.

In 1914 a salesman for a firm producing and exporting British woolens and outerwear items called on my grandfather to look at his lines of tweed fabrics, rainwear and outerwear popular in England at the time. The salesman had little luck in the early days of the Great War finding proper outlets in the United States for his lines. He was thunderstruck that my grandfather bought his wares: J. Press was among the first in the merchant clothing trade to import British clothing.


Made especially for J. Press in the heart of England, the Reversible Coat combines the most sophisticated qualities for both Town and Country wear utilizing advanced technology together with the finest British tailoring. The J. Press Reversible ensures the discriminating wearer is both dry and comfortable whilst the garment retains the cut, style and finish of a traditional tailored coat. Each garment is individually hand-cut and made from the very best natural fibers woven in the British Isles.

Characterized by pure wool full-weight Devonshire Tweed in medium gray contrast Herringbone on one side to Weatherproofed Gabardine Twill of very tightly woven long staple cotton creating its own seal against wind, rain and snow on reverse. Continuing its original early Twentieth Century manifestation, J. Press Reversibles remain styled single breasted, raglan shouldered with military collar and slash pockets.

An excellent choice considering use and cost variables—two coats for the price of one, suitable (pardon the expression) for formal, informal or weekend wear. I recently received kudos wearing my Reversible Coat to an elegant gala over a tuxedo sprucing it up with a white silk scarf. Quite a doable substitute for my long deceased black velvet collar Chesterfield.

Anything goes nowadays for a J. Press Reversible either draped over flannels, corduroys, khakis or jeans, except Bermuda shorts revealing rather unsightly naked calves,

Richard Press


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