“Brush’em Until She Feels Like a Shaggy Dog”

“Brush’em Until She Feels Like a Shaggy Dog”

Shortly after Irving Press was discharged from the US Army where he ran the PX store at Fort Ritchie, Maryland, my uncle was contacted by the Scottish head of a renowned two hundred year old Shetland Island sweater maker crossing the pond for his first post-World War II visit to the states. Eager to drum up business lost during the war years, his timing was serendipitous. Irving was looking for a new resource to compete with the popular Shetland sweater offered at Brooks Brothers and many other retailers. Immediately bonding with the CEO from the Shetland Islands and bolstered by a few Scotches, they racked their brains trying to figure how to differentiate the J. Press Shetland from others in Ivy-land.

To read this story and many more, purchase the Threading the Needle book by Richard Press.

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