Fine Art Connoisseur

Fine Art Connoisseur

The new Spring & Summer lookbook vividly hits the stands for its 2024 debut. Top of the Page features my current salutation, The Art of Style:

“As fashion evolves, Ivy styles presence ebbs and flows within it. J. Press holds firmly to the art of fine tailoring that originated so many years ago with my grandfather, Jacobi Press. We are committed to preserving our rich history of timeless elegance and understated sophistication. Ivy style is not one dimensional and this season the inspiration for our presentation comes from classical sources. Just as fine artists have used clothing as a vehicle to express character and identity in their subjects, we have used elements of fine art as a vehicle to express the personality of our clothing. The following photographs highlight the artistry of our Spring & Summer collection of warm weather perennials.”

The testimonial to my grandfather piqued my curiosity thanks to newfound acclaim and publicity awarded classic American artist John Singer Sargent. Successful exhibitions of his paintings have occurred at the London Tate Gallery and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Sargent used fashion as a powerful vehicle to express identity, personality, and social status, regularly choosing the outfits of his portraits that called attention to their wardrobes.

My grandfather, the eponymous Jacobi Press, followed Sargent’s example working as a stylist to craft the wardrobe images of his Yale trade. The company bearing his name holds fast to the art of fine tailoring that he originated so many years ago.

Grandpa Press’ art was never meant to hang in a museum. Utilizing the founders artistic heritage, J. Press continues to thrive, staying alive in the digital age.



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