Heyday Fraternity House on 44th Street

Heyday Fraternity House on 44th Street

The 1970s were so uncertain that President Ford told New York to “drop dead.” J. Press at 16 East 44th Street refused to surrender. In 1981, the Japanese trad magazine Popeye characterized the crew and their store as “more of an Ivy League fraternity house than a store.” That alleged fraternity brotherhood was bolstered by yours truly.

To read this story and many more, purchase the Threading the Needle book by Richard Press.

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A terrific article by Richard Press, that talks about my late father Jerry Haber and his co-workers at J. Press-in all their glory. As I worked part-time at J. Press on Saturdays and summers of these heyday years- I feel fortunate to have been part of it. I truly appreciate this eloquent article which brings this exciting era back to life. The days of Henry, Ken, Tony, and my father Jerry Haber, ruling the roost on the J.Press sales floor are legendary.

Jeffrey Haber

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