King of Corduroy

The Darwinian evolution of corduroy at J. Press represents the cultural shift that has occurred since the era men wore coats and ties to the office, on airplanes or at the Yale Bowl.

When I entered the family business in 1959, the wise guys in the New Haven store referred to corduroy suits, “Rags and bones for the scholarship boys.” During the Heyday of Ivy suits and ties were campus uniforms at Yale and Harvard. Our 1966 Fall & Winter Brochure tagged Corduroy jackets with matching trousers at $71, a great buy compared to our pricier bestseller, $125 Worsted Herringbones.

Until the 1980s the average J. Press customer owned at least three or four suits for everyday wear with a corduroy suit for weekend backup.

Ideal for weightless ease during the Fall & Winter months our 21st Century Corduroy is featured in three piece separates—not a nested suit. Corduroy jackets are tailored in the soft construction J. Press 3-button sack model with center hook vent and 5/16” sewn trim edge. The 100% combed cotton mid-wale ribbed fabric is woven in England especially for J. Press in our archetype shade of brown/olive. The vest accents a five-button front with two lower pockets, the accompanying trouser respects our classic flat front model.

Additional varieties of eleven colors in our wide wale Corduroy trouser offers sporting contrast when worn with Blue Blazer, Tweed Jacket or Shaggy Dog Sweater. Available in traditional colors of navy, dark brown, tan, camel, grey, dark olive or a rainbow of seasonals: aubergine, rust, gold, royal blue, spruce green.

Smash the glass for a loyal toast to the King of Corduroy.


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