Road Trip To Smith

Rahar’s was the 1950s home away from home for me and my pals. The watering hole served as the Northampton, Massachusetts headquarters for visiting collegians pursuing female companionship at Smith College.

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Plus ça change! As a student I hung out, and later worked, at Rahar’s in the late 70’s-early 80’s. In my day the dress code was black jeans and t-shirts rather than flannels and penny loafers, unless worn ironically. The club had become a punk-rock mecca, booking famous acts like the Stranglers from England as well as local favorites like the Elevators and the Scientific Americans. Murph the genial bartender was gone, but the owner, Louie Lucchini, was notably good-natured and tolerant. Smith girls still took their dates to Rahar’s, where they mingled with Northampton bohemians, Easthampton toughs and Boston rock-and-roll connoisseurs. By the way, I enrolled at Amherst and joined AD, now gone like its counterpart at Dartmouth. Thanks for the reminiscence Mr. Press!

Erik Schwarz November 15, 2021

Hi Dick,
Always enjoy your reminiscing. It was a great time.

Ken Brasted. January 11, 2021

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