Sharing the Bloodline

Sharing the Bloodline

The bloodline that courses through the Press family veins was encapsulated in the presentation of my father, Paul Press’s sport coats front stage in the faux campus store at the historic 2012 Ivy Style Exhibit at the Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology exhibit that I co-curated with men’s fashion authority G. Bruce Boyer.

To read this story and many more, purchase the Threading the Needle book by Richard Press.

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While most nostalgia is an illusion of present magic in remembering the past as so much better than it was, the reminiscences of Mr. Press do seem to take us honestly back to the times we should honor more, of a family business, of pride in quality offeeings to the public and by keeping safe those traditions we likewise share because by comparison with the present we can now make the more accurate distinctions relating to quality, style and substance without which we would surely devolve into the useless mediocrity of misdirected fads and unbridled modernity bringing change for it’s own sake. Progress is making things better not just different and tradition is the set of guiding principles by which we begin to know ourselves. J.Press without question established American traditions! Thank you for being a keeper for some of those who still care. JHA

J. Holmes Armstead, J.D., Ph.D. LL.D., D.Litt..,D.H.L.(hc)

So glad stores have re-opened! I hope I can get back to NYC soon ( from L.A. – I need a J. Press fix!
Thanks again for your stories- especially this one about Harris Tweed-


Love the history from the source. Keep it flowing.
My Uncle , Isadore, THE TAILOR to Robert Lazarus at F. & R. Lazarus Columbus for over 30 years introduced me to J. Press my Freshman Year 60/61. Wanting a Harris Tweed with a Smokey aroma.

Tomasso Vassallo

What is the origin of the ticket pocket? Does it make the jacket more sporty, or is it an elegant detail that has largely been forgotten?

Robert W. Emmaus

Monster raconteur. Always look forward to a great story. Press on. Hey that’s kinda catchy.

Mike Devine

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