A Brave New World

A Brave New World

Passing the skeletal remains of 346 Madison Avenue reminds me that J. Press stands alone in the once upon a time thriving retail neighborhood that promoted traditional American Style menswear. It’s hardly coincidental that the enterprise my grandfather founded on the Yale campus is quartered side-by-side the Yale Club in New York on 44th and Vanderbilt.

How to exchange 20th century Ivy Style for today’s expanded market without demeaning its past? Following the recent national election, the term “ballot dumping” was widely discussed. J. Press refines the term via our own version expressed as “category dumping.”

Shaggy Dogs

For example, our famous J. PRESS hand brushed Shetland wool Shaggy Dog sweaters still bark with extended breeds in over forty colors enhanced by a new version of university stripes expressed on either sleeve or body. Our hearty collection of four-ply Scottish cashmere cable crew neck sweaters display eight colors. Frosting on the cake—J. PRESS shawl collar cardigans from Scotland are beyond the fringe as a sport coat or outerwear choice.

Schoolboy mufflers originally worn by boat club members of universities in England and reframed as a prime signature on prep school and college campuses in the 1950s are once again re-popularized, worn with either a duffel coat or chunky sweater.

“Roamin’ in the Gloamin on the bonnie banks o’ Clyde” characterizes our unmatched variety of all wool Tartan trousers. Also, on hand in Technicolor, a rainbow of corduroy trousers in sixteen colors.

Our unmatched retail stocks of cotton oxford cloth button down shirts in regular or trim fit featuring our iconic flap pocket are widely available in favored trad colors or assorted stripes.

The list is endless.

Brave New World is a dystopian social science fiction novel written in 1931 by English author Aldous Huxley that features the line “No social stability without individual stability.”

J. Press presentations adhere to the Huxley axiom.





JPress is the quintessential traditional men’s clothing store and the repository of everything I desire in fashion. The styles are elegant, comfortable and timeless! Please continue to maintain your classic sartorial traditions and I will continue to save my pennies toward my second Harris Tweed sport jacket in thirty years! The happiest of holidays to you and marvelous staff!

Milton Thomas Cole

I’m 74 and long retired, but, J Press OCBD shirts and Shaggy Dogs are still my “go too’s. Thanks for staying true. Have a prosperous and blessed 2021.. Slainte’

Chip Clark

Long live J. Press and the traditional Americn style!

Jim M.

Great Store,the Ivy League look is timeless!!

Thomas q Senft

I visited “346” for a suit only once—in 1969 with my Yale Divinity classmate who had a 12" drop, Brooks could not fit him, but the tailors were amazed at his 44/32 physique!

Robert W. Emmaus