J.Press History


Born in New Haven, CT in 1902

At the turn of the 20th century, Jacobi Press established the eponymous haberdasher J. Press store which would quickly become one of the most important influences on American men's fashion. The three-button sack suit, the oxford cloth button-down shirt, the repp tie, the navy blazer, and the ShaggyDog sweater have become icons of classic American menswear and signatures of the J. Press man.

The first J.PRESS store in New Haven, CT

Rooted in the Ivy League

J.PRESS was established on the campus of Yale University by Jacobi Press, a craftsman of custom-made suits, who believed in quality, style and comfort above all else. J. Press has helped to define the aesthetic of Ivy League style and has been passed with distinction from generation to generation.

Yale students posing for a photo

The Perfect Fit

Jacobi Press’ craftsmanship focused on the intricacies of construction to establish a silhouette that fits everyone. It then grew in popularity, receiving overwhelming support from Yale students, professors, and alumni. Still today after 116 years, J. Press remains a pillar of Ivy League style and has stayed true to the quality tailoring and craftsmanship of its historic past.

A photo of Jacobi Press on a workbench with scissors and a tape measure