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About J.Press

A clothing brand that is made for measure.

Born in New Haven, CT in 1902

J.PRESS is a brand based on tradition and expert craftsmanship. Amidst the never-ending cycle of change in which we live, the J.PRESS style is timeless. J.PRESS captures the concept of fashion and life not as “something that changes”, but as “something to be completed”. We take traditions and history into consideration, while continuing to add sensitivities corresponding to the era, resulting in a lifestyle of high quality and dignity.

The first J.PRESS store in New Haven, CT

Rooted in the Ivy League

J.PRESS was established on the campus of Yale University by Jacobi Press, a technician of custom-mades, who believed in quality and comfort above all else.

Yale students posing for a photo

The Perfect Fit

Jacobi Press’ craftsmanship focused on the intricacies of the human body to establish a silhouette that everyone can wear, and grew in popularity, receiving overwhelming support from Yale students, professors, and alumni.

A photo of Jacobi Press on a workbench with scissors and a tape measure

A Classic American Name

J.PRESS’ first customers were students and professors, but wasn’t long until J.PRESS became known all over the country, and the style of choice for Presidents, Statesmen, Scholars and Industry Leaders.

  1. The Last Convertible by Anton Meyer 1925

    Francis Scott Fitzgerald

    Referenced in The Great Gatsby as clothing worn by worthy men

  2. Tales of the South Pacific by James A. Michener 1948

    Tales of the South Pacific

    J.PRESS was referenced as a proof of an elite, and meant a success

  3. Cast of the film All the President's Men 1974

    All the President’s Men

    The J.PRESS blazer was chosen without hesitation as the outfit of choice for the Ivy League Style reporter

  4. Former President Gerald Ford 1975

    Former President Ford

    Amongst other leaders and elites, J.PRESS became a staple clothing article for public affairs

  5. Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow 1987

    Presumed Innocent

    J.PRESS appeared in the court mystery masterpiece written by the world-wide best-selling author Scott Turow

The Commitment to Creating Quality Clothing Has Been Handed Down into Today, More Than 100 Years Later

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