J. Press Icons

Represented by some of our favorite style personalities, the J. Press Icon collection is comprised of year-round staples that are a necessity to every wardrobe.


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"J. Press has provided Alfargo's and the broader menswear community with a unique value, being an American heritage brand. It possesses the qualities and style that is the foundation of American menswear. Alfargo’s ethos and J. Press' history really is a match made in sartorial heaven for the enthusiasts for searching for Ivy League style."

Dandy Wellington

Born-and-raised in Harlem, New York, Dandy is a bandleader, entertainer, event producer, and creative consultant. Influenced by the style and skill of classic entertainers of the past but with his feet planted in the present, it’s no surprise that he has made a name for himself across the globe.

“J. Press is a pillar of classic American style. A style that was not only seen on university campuses and golf courses but on Jazz bandstands and at civil rights marches. In this way brands like J. Press are clothiers of the American Experience. As a New York Jazz bandleader, it’s a style that serves as a sartorial through line from our 1930s sound to this modern era.”

Lucas Fitzpatrick

Lucas is a photographer, event organizer, and menswear personality whose style mixes a tried-and-true New England heartiness with tastes picked up on a life spent half on the road.

"Given my comfort in well-made workwear, I’ve hesitated over the years to stay consistent in quality when it comes to more formal wear. A brand with trustworthy heritage like J. Press makes it easier to push boundaries into unfamiliar territory and opens possibilities beyond what’s possible in my ‘dress jeans.”

Richard Press

Richard is the grandson of J. Press founder Jacobi Press and worked at the family company from 1959 to 1991, eventually serving as president. Since his days as a kid in New Haven under the wing of his grandfather, he continues to serve later years pounding out bi-weekly Threading The Needle columns, signing a multitude of his two book compilation, MCing at store events, and savoring the aura of our notable past while adapting to today’s sartorial essentials.

"After six months service in the US Army reserves I entered the J. Press then family business situated as a greeter and buyer in the New York store under the mentorship of my uncle and company president, Irving Press. I introduced both wide width neckties and two-button suits into the merchandise selection and espoused wearing a bowie and promoted its gregarious inclusion in the J. Press necktie selections."

Westley Dimagiba

A native New Yorker through and through, Wes Dimagiba is a self-proclaimed perfectionist and master of overthinking with endless creative ambition.

“My first experience with J. Press was through a pair of camouflage shorts my brother gifted me over ten years ago, that I still wear today. At a time when my ‘menswear/style journey’ had just begun, J. Press' preppy aesthetic was a solid foundation for the direction I wanted to go. Years later I never would have thought I'd be working with J. Press, but I'm grateful for the opportunity and to be amongst some of the most stylish people I know.”

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