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1982 Seiko SQ Quartz

1982 Seiko SQ Quartz


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  • Brand and Country of Manufacture - Seiko, Japan
  • Year - 1982
  • Serial - 231229
  • Model - 5359
  • Movement & caliber -  Quartz 7123
  • Case diameter - 37 mm
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A stainless steel Seiko SQ model on an integrated bracelet, powered by a quartz movement with a very interesting “tropical” dial. The dial, case and bracelet all seem to have taken design cues from the great Gerald Genta. Genta also designed watches for Seiko, under the Credor line, and it is clear that his time and work with the iconic Japanese watch maker rubbed off on the design of this watch.

The bezel that frames the watch has a series of faux rivets that have the same feel as the iconic Royal Oak, which is also related through the bracelet, which also has a Cartier Santos feel. This integrated bracelet also gives across the feel of the Genta bracelets, which was another trade mark of a lot of his watch design from the Royal Oak, the Nautilus and even watches like the IWC Igenuer.

Moving to the dial, it also has the feel of the Royal Oak tapisserie dial. The white color was also used in later Royal Oak’s and the pattern stamped into the dial is like that of the vintage 'Petite Tapisserie' found on the first Royal Oak Jumbos, on mostly all Royal Oaks from the 80s and 90s and also on the first Royal Oak Offshore models bearing reference 25721. The white color has developed an amazing tropical patina to it, that is really quite unique for this watch. The squares are extremely small and the pattern is tight compared to the later executions. They are laborious to make with the brass dials being engraved by a burin, a precision metalwork chisel, that reproduces the motif on a disc attached to the machine, like a pantograph. A pointer rotates across the disc from the periphery to the center. The system is combined with a tool that forms the little lozenges between the pyramidal squares and takes between 20 and 50 minutes, depending on the dial's diameter. It's a delicate operation. A mere skip is all it takes to damage the piece as the slightest impact is as visible as dust on a mirror.

It is highly unlikely that this dial underwent this type of construction. It is most likely stamped into the brass plate and then painted. However, the overall appearance is the same. Also the same shape applied solid gold markers are applied. The overall affect is very good looking, as you would expect having taken license from the AP!

The case is in good condition, and remains unpolished. The bracelet has a little ‘kink’ to it, although not noticeable when on the wrist, and noted for transparency.

In conclusion, this is a great watch to wear no matter what for the collector with a keen eye on watch design, and especially for those with a love for are and unusual Seiko watches.


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