Golden Days In New Haven

In 1954 LIFE Magazine declared New Haven home of the Ivy League Look proclaiming, “Sometimes regarded as more of a club than a clothes shop, J. Press is delighted rather than dismayed that its look is now capturing the country.”

To read this story and many more, purchase the Threading the Needle book by Richard Press.

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At 86 and long gone from New Haven (I live now in Cambridge, which I believe New Haven wanted to become but lacked a suburb like Boston to sustain the transformation)and remember the 1950s there with fondness. I was struck this morning by the realization I had not seen or heard the name Sam Kroop in sixty years! He was a lovely man and I hope he had a good run. I delight in Richard Press’s recollections of the days of yore.

David Barry December 28, 2020

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