Madison Avenue Regatta

Madison Avenue Regatta

The scull between Boathouse Sports and J. Press premiered at the 501 Madison Avenue Pennant headquarters during its recent premiere party .

The above pic depicts yours truly clad head to toe in J. Press x Boathouse gear with Jenny Coates, Boathouse Sports President recounting to me the history of the liaison.

“Just after the announcement of my appointment as Boathouse Sports head of the retail division,” she confided to me, “three friends called to congratulate me disclosing they sculled on Yale crew wearing Boathouse. Our current relationship with J. Press practically seems pre-ordained.”

The heritage of the Boathouse brand began in 1976, through the revolutionary design of the iconic Stevenson jacket. The innovative silhouette was introduced during the Montreal Olympic Games and featured a technically designed shoulder gusset, allowing full arm rotation. Olympic rower, John Strotbeck, returned to Philadelphia where he built a factory and began producing the classic Stevenson jacket. His commitment to engineering an authentic, timeless outerwear assortment geared toward the driven athlete elevated the Boathouse brand within the team sports market.

Today, accentuating its collaboration with J. Press, Boathouse continues to produce American Made, hand-crafted outerwear that is authentically rooted in sport and geared toward everyday life.

Catch the J. Press x Boathouse @jpressonline with the lookbook featuring the Vesper Boat Club portraying the program with far more fluency than my own needle threading. My favorites include the unmatched Regatta Jacket, the celebrity Coaches Jacket, Long-Sleeve Rugby Shirts, Journey Pants, Rugby Shorts, Cotton Hoodies, and my own signature pic Supplex Bucket Hat. This is but a bare snapshot.

J. Press shares the Boathouse plaudit offered by Ivy Rugby Conference:

“Excited to continue our tremendous relationship with Boathouse Sports. The elite quality of Boathouse's American-made gear is second to none.”

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You always seem to find a beautiful woman to hang on to your arm.

Jesse Livermore

I really enjoy these collaborations between J. Press and kindred spirits. Some very unique pieces here. Get ’em while they last!

Looking forward to seeing future such endeavors.


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