Salty Vibes

Salty Vibes

The preppy 1980s are gone with the wind. Preppy Handbook author, speaker and humorist Lisa Birnbach memorably offered the era’s final beach wear lesson in her preppy Bible:

“Madras swim trunks. Plain and boxy. The prep man has no interest in looking daring or sexy on the beach. Because they are made of cotton, they never fully dry out if they are used daily.”J. Press Vintage Catalogue

Times may have changed but not the look. J. Press currently offers a cornucopia of swim trunks uniquely suited for beach club or urban weekend wear. Available in varieties of all cotton India Madras, Seersucker and Patchwork fabrics, with mesh liner, elasticized waist for comfort, rear button through flap pocket and side pockets.

Our revised Heyday Look swim trunks open a new door to a wider audience that once was the restricted province of St. Grottlesex snobs, Ivy League elites and Hyannis Port Kennedys. 

To Catch a Thief

Alfred Hitchcock shot a famous scene in his 1955 masterpiece To Catch A Thief depicting J. Press Shaggy Dog Sweater aficionado Cary Grant on the French Riviera in boxer style trads side-by-side lithe Grace Kelly tightly wrapped in a one-piece swimsuit. 

J. PRESS Swim Wear goes both ways - for an ocean splash on Georgica Beach emitting the salty vibes of a dirty Martini or drying out for a post-swim jaunt to grab a lobster roll and a couple of brews at Duryea’s Lobster Dock in Montauk.

Snazzy and dry docked in J. Squeeze India Madras swim trunks. Salty Vibes.




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Cary Grant looks “Notorious” in the J. Press swim trunks in the photograph provided in the most recent Threading the Needle message.. Would there have been a pair of Press swim trunks big enough to fit Alfred Hitchcock?

Donald Robert Wilson

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