September Song

September Song

Kurt Weill, the haunting German and later American theatrical composer penned his memorable September Song for Broadway, but its weathered lines might just as well have been savored in the J. Press 2021 Fall & Winter Brochure, “…and the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame.”

Since the 1950s Irving Press, John Norey and later yours truly searched Roget’s Thesaurus endlessly for descriptive adjectives depicting our autumn colorings for J. Press Shaggy Dogs, Harris Tweeds, Shetland Sport Coats and untold items both foreign and domestic.

A few favorites from the J. Squeeze potpourri: Gorse, Lovat, and Brown Heather Shaggy Dogs; ‘Shavian’ Press-Scot County Squire Stitched Tweed Hat, Golden Green Tuscany Hat, Olive Moss Waistcoats, Pumpkin Flannel Sport Shirt, Fawn English Weatherproof Topcoat, Dark Olive Moleskin Knee Length Coat, and Lovat Grey Porridge Ascot Overcoat.

The “Heyday” J. Press brochures in the 1950s didn’t allow for the range of vivid color photography featured in our current mailing. Instead, we relied upon descriptive phrases to portray our American translations of product often derived from the British Isles.

In 1959 our range included 48 suit segments together with multitudes of worsteds, tweeds and furnishings imported from resources abroad. Some tidbits:

—Press-Scot Jackets from Real Shetland Tweeds power loomed in Scotland in exclusive designs and genuine Harris Tweeds woven specially by hand on the Islands of the Outer Hebrides
 —All over the world, quality English Worsted Flannel is the universal favorite of the well-groomed for a basic suit in plain soft background shades, always ideal with a variety of accessories.
—The infallible taste of understated stripes on Fine Milled English Worsted suitings is being accorded the recognition of increased demand among the best-dressed currently..
—Finespun Clear-Cut Huddersfield Worsteds offered in plains and conservative Glen Checks in English box-loomed sharkskins for suits which offer long wear and retain an immaculate appearance.

 Remains of the day together with innovative productions featuring tasteful renditions accommodating today’s casual wear may be fruitfully explored in our “hot off the Press” 2021 Fall & Winter Brochure. Savor the print or the digital version, the once and future illumination of Ivy Style.




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Can a catalogue be sent to me in Canada?

Thank you

Anthony Kalamut

Just got the new catalog in the mail and it is stunning! the pictures are so lush and I love this fall’s theme. So cool. The interview is super interesting and the other commentary really adds to the whole presentation. Oh and I already bought a pair of those new 5 pocket pants. Couldn’t resist.

Todd McNichols

I think that Mr. Weber pretty much sums things up with Frank Sinatra singing “September Song”. Pure artistry.
It can’t be sung any better. Add his simple props – his hat & his raincoat – and you’re eavesdropping on a piece of art – performed by one of America’s greatest artists.

Bob Feen

September is an odd month. It’s mostly summertime, but the kids can’t really enjoy it because they’ve been in school for six weeks already. This includes American collegians, who never understood the significance of Michaelmas Term like the Brits do.

Robert W. Emmaus

Let’s not forget that Maxwell Anderson was the lyricist of “The September Song” which was in the musical “Knickerbocker Holiday.” It was written for Walter Huston, and it was his only solo song in the show.

Mark E Seitelman

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