In The Mudroom

In The Mudroom

Enjoyed the 4th season premiere of The Crown on Netflix last night. The Royalty menswear representation is pluperfect. Apparently, they cleared out every Barbour warehouse in the British Isles. Wouldn’t be surprised if Charles goes to bed every night in Barbour Beaufort draped over his Turnbull and Asser pink Sea Island Cotton pajamas.

Hunting Jackets

J. PRESS joins the royal family favoring dual color ranges of Beaufort and Heritage Liddesdale Quilted Jackets, however we don’t limit outerwear selections with our beloved Barbours. Unlike Balmoral Castle with servants hanging Barbours in vaulted cedar closets our patrons choose to hang their weathered coats the good old-fashioned way—in the mudroom.

This season’s outerwear selections include my old-time campus favorite Navy Peacoat I knocked about in my battered Chevrolet back at Dear Old Dartmouth only this one is downfilled. The 2020 Fall and Winter roster features our unique Brown Olive Tattersall Hunting Jacket, also available in Navy. Water repellant, 100% wool with hand warmer pockets, made in England especially for J. PRESS it represents an ideal choice for Town and Country.

Hiking in the woods becomes a Robert Frost New England tweed inflection with our distinctive Olive Wool Hunting Jacket. Collection ranges of Toboggan Jackets, Duffel Coats, Car Coats, and Suede Bomber Jackets expand the outerwear selections. The James Bond Khaki Belted Safari Jacket remains my own Hail Mary pass into the end zone.

J. PRESS just for suits, OCBDs, ties and Shaggy Dogs?
Toboggan Coats






Now that BB is only on line. Have you considered carrying a line of women’s wear, tweed jackets, cashmere sweaters, and finely tailored trousers.

Cynthia Drayton

Always enjoy your noodlings and I can often be found in your shop around the corner from The Clubhouse. When I was a teenager, my parents bought me a duffel coat, my recollection of that duffel coat was; it had a picture of a mule on the label, I loved that coat to distraction and I wonder where it ended up. A few years back, while living in Dublin, Ireland (There’s one in Ohio , you know) I went to a department store called Dunne’s, in Dublin’s central shopping area, and there on a sale rack was a great looking duffle job in blue, roped closures and wooden toggles, it didn’t have a picture of a mule on the label- but I was willing to look past that as it was on sale for 35 quid (€).
I have returned to The US full time now, reside in Connecticut and out and as temperatures descend, comes my very reasonably priced duffle job – I would love it if I paid 10 times it’s sale price but thank god that’s not what it’s price tag announced.

Keep up the fine work and as always -look sharp.

MaRc f

Marc Flanagan

Always jolly good.


The Reverend Professor H. John Eigenbrodt’s (Yale Divinity, Yale Ph.D) camel hair duffel coat with detachable hood from J. Press was iconic at DePauw during Indiana winters in the ’60s.

Robert W. Emmaus