Rebel Without A Suit

Rebel Without A Suit

The corona virus recession together with changing workplace fashion trends has brought Chapter 11 to several standbys that have lost their way. J. Press remains a paradigm of traditional values dedicated to serve the unique requirements of our demanding specialty store clientele.

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I rather like your attitude. Damn the torpedoes. Brought up my sons and grandsons and -daughters in that spirit. Stay the course – style and integrity don’t expire, even if a majority always defects for the latest fashion.

Pippin Bismarck

I always look forward to these columns.Thank you. I practiced for 43 years with a law firm in the Midwest – 70 lawyers by the time I retired in early 2010. I was amused at the time (in the late 80’s, I think) when the senior partner appointed a committee to study whether we should have Casual Fridays. After nine months of study, the committee reported back, “No”. A few years later we did in fact permit the practice but initially the only guidance we were given (by the same senior partner) was what he called “Country Club Casual” which in his case seemed to be yellow slacks, grass green jacket and watermelon socks. No one else took his suggestion. Oh yes, he was a Yalie and a J P customer.

Walter Graff

I’ve read this piece twice now, and I don’t see this piece taking shots at anyone. It seems to me to be rather matter of fact when it points out (extremely briefly) that some of its competitors are in dire financial straits because they lost their way, and tied that to the (poorly done) casualization of the workplace. The piece strikes me as being quite tasteful.


I was in Hawaii in 1969 when the bill was passed in the legislature mandating “Aloha” shirts on Fridays.Schools and businesses were almost forced to adhere to it.
Needless to say this was a big sales item for dept storesi.e. Liberty House(was bought out) and all of a sudden you had many Mom and Pop stores selling Aloha shirts all over the island in hotels like Kahala Hilton.But the funny thing was most of the shirts came from China not made in Hawaii.

Vincent McKelvey

Sir, When you are from Philadelphia, a blue blazer is considered “casual” for Friday

Ozy Mandais

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