Rebel Without A Suit

Rebel Without A Suit

The corona virus recession together with changing workplace fashion trends has brought Chapter 11 to several standbys that have lost their way. J. Press remains a paradigm of traditional values dedicated to serve the unique requirements of our demanding specialty store clientele.

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While casual Fridays may have been somewhat acceptable, what was being worn was not. I felt like every Friday I was attending a company picnic.

Dante J Natale

The simple rule should be: if it doesn’t go to the dry cleaners it doesn’t come to the office.

Greg Thomas

Whether it be a business suit, work uniform, or farm overalls, work is serious and requires serious clothes: clean, pressed, and non-tattered. Self respect and respect for our clients is what makes America great, now and in the future.

Robert W. Emmaus

Daughter of a loyal customer of 60 years. Some of my fondest memories are of shopping with him at J. Press for over 30 of those years and learning more about proper tailoring, outfitting than most men I know. Everything I can purchase for myself in XS or S is in my wardrobe and every boyfriend or spouse has gone to be outfitted properly. I’ve developed my own special relationships with the younger staff.

I normally read these with interest and wax nostalgic.

This strikes me as very off note for a company that promotes traditional clothing and values. Taking shots at others when down — we know who they are and haven’t shopped there in years due to changes we don’t like — isn’t consistent with the J. Press tradition I know.

And you might want to do some current research on what an Aloha shirt symbolizes.

Still a loyal customer and fan of J. Press. Model those values here, please?


Casual dress, casual attitude, casual product.

Graham Clark

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