Rebel Without A Suit

Rebel Without A Suit

The corona virus recession together with changing workplace fashion trends has brought Chapter 11 to several standbys that have lost their way. J. Press remains a paradigm of traditional values dedicated to serve the unique requirements of our demanding specialty store clientele.

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Katherine – The lady doth protest too much, methinks. – Queen Gertrude, Hamlet


Always enjoy these pieces, but the tone of this one was just a little too schadenfreude-ish. Katherine is spot on in calling you out on it.


And I thought “Business Causal” meant it was ok to miss deadlines!


The feel of the fabric, the aroma of your salesmen’s cologne, the sense that I had been admitted to a temple devoted to some notion of what it means to be An Adult — that is what remains with me from my visits, as an adolescent, with my grandfather, to the old East 44th Street store. And it should go without saying that to celebrate an adversary’s misfortune, or even appear to do so — well, that is quite beneath the dignity of an adult, isn’t it? But thank you, sincerely, for dressing three generations of my family. You are the first, and still the best.


Thank you Richard. I moved from London to San Francisco in 1980 and had only one suit, a Savile Row by Edward Sexton. A fellow English man introduced me to J Press – you had a store there for years – and I loved the the “boutique” feel, the soft oxford cottons and the genteel service. I had one of your cotton suits last years! I can’t afford anything right now – still working has as I lost all my money on Wall Street – but I will be back. I am so happy you are still in business – so much of my past and so many of the independent firms , in all lines of businesses, have gone. Keep on being yourselves ( but add a side vent jacket /suit and a mild spread collar, check out Budd’s of London “bankers” collar). My very best wishes.

John Cockcroft

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