Cure For Dislocated Times

Cure For Dislocated Times

Writing for me has proven a cure for these dislocated times. I have recently been informed my one and only book Threading The Needle may birth a sibling. J. Press Books is considering Book II, taking more meat and potatoes from the residue columns on the table offering new illustrations and featured guest writers.

My rebirth out of retirement began over a decade ago thanks to the efforts of @ivy-style founder Christian Chensvold. His inspiration turning yours truly into a columnist began after hours of telephone interviews he transformed into a week-long series of blogs. Chensvold’s talent seeking produced the inspiration for my scribbles together with an exciting new venue. Adding to the froth, J. Press noted my earlier columns, most of them complimentary of my former company, engendering my return to the former family business as Archival Consultant, brochure contributor and bi-weekly columnist providing a symphony of memoirs for the first edition.

My earliest foray into journalism began on a more modest basis as theatre critic and eventually Editor-In-Chief of the Loomis (now Loomis Chaffee) Log. Nowadays many prep school alums seem embarrassed by the term prep school. Biographies of celebrity prep school alumni journalists often refer to their early education “high school,” as if their prep years were a faux elite embarrassment. I offer no apologies, finding myself in good boarding school company with a current colloquium of Loomis columnists and authors including Frank Bruni, Mark Oppenheimer, Robert Kaiser, Chris Cillizza, David Margolick.

My Loomis writing was nurtured by my otherwise French teacher Ollie Campeau, faculty member assigned to oversee the school journal. “Jolly Ollie,” as the beloved Spanish, Latin and French teacher was known on the Windsor, CT campus, assumed his role as if Managing Editor of The New York Times. Irving Press and John Norey followed my Dartmouth years allowing me an internship with them that led to my eventually writing, post-Irving, copy for the J. Press Brochure, newspaper and magazine advertising.

Stay tuned for word of the possible next Threading The Needle book.

Meanwhile, as soon to be a twice published author, staying fit as a fiddle and ready for love.





Soon your books will be as well known as Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.

Vern Trotter

I love reading your columns. Curiosity, my last name is Press. You look like all of my father’s brothers and relatives. Most of the family immigrated from Lithuania and eventually settled in the midwest. I was curious if you know where your family came from. And, I am a big fan of your clothing. I am glad I grew up when I did and was able to dress “the part”. Tom Press

Thomas Press