Headquarters For Harris Tweed

Headquarters For Harris Tweed

All Harris Tweeds are not created equal. Bolts of the fabric earmarked especially for J. Press impart the hardy robust character and inimitable earthy colorings of these jackets. Crofter woven by hand in the Outer Hebrides Isles off the western coast of Scotland from special mid-weight yarns dyed with indigenous Island vegetation, J. Press Harris Tweed Sport Jackets present a look, feel and attention to tailoring detail and fit unlike any other. Also the smell. A whiff of the fabric still emits a lingering peaty remnant of its crottle lichen dyes.

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I still have a few of my original Harris Tweed sport coats, even though the linings need to be replaced. The tweed fabric appears to be indestructible!

William Greenstadt - Portland