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1969 Benrus US Army Manual

1969 Benrus US Army Manual


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A parkerized stainless steel military issue Benrus US Army manual wind wrist watch. This durable and ultimate tool watch was a model General Issue watch that the Department of Defense ordered from around 1964 at the start of trouble in Vietnam. A watch made for this challenging terrain had to be basic, reliable and durable. The Benrus watch company, among other watch makers, stepped up and delivered this watch to tick these boxes. The finish to the case would make sure it did not glare. Easy to read in dark triangle lume plots flank each of the Arabic numbers, along with a small Arabic 24 hour inner ring of numbers. The white, lume filled hands are clear and easy to pick out against the black dial. The manually wound Benrus caliber 2372 DR2F2 movement features a hacking function to allow for near perfect synchronization among fellow soldiers. These watches had the issue date stamped into the back of the case. A nice feature, and with this example it pinpoints it to May 1969. This was a month during which perhaps one of the most well know battles commenced; "Hamburger Hill". The intensely fought battle inspired the movie bearing the same name. The watch is presented in excellent, unpolished condition. These Vietnam issued examples are becoming increasingly hard to find now. This example is presented on the chocolate brown Foundwell for J. Press Hanover band.

Case measurement: 33 mm

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