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1979 Bulova Deep Sea

1979 Bulova Deep Sea


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  • Brand and Country of Manufacture - Bulova, Switzerland
  • Year - 1979
  • Serial  -  121663
  • Model - 702-1
  • Movement & caliber - Tuning Fork Cal. 2181
  • Case diameter -  36mm
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A stainless steel Bulova Deep Sea watch. This is a great looking, and quite unusual model. It has the moniker the “Devil Diver” due to its novel 666 foot depth rating! This is a great example of a watch that is why people are fans of Bulova, and especially from this period. A very handsome case with the crown set at the four o’clock position and the acrylic "coke" style bi-directional bezel for timing your dives.

The black dial has the distinctive cross hair running though, and the applied Accutron logo. It also has classic dive watch DNA with the black dial, fairly large round luminous plots for easy reading and the larger arrow head style marker at the 12 o’clock position. The original hand set are also larger than normal and lume filled for ease of reading. The bezel on this watch is unusual for a dive watch with it being marked in black and red. This was something seen more in GMT watches, but looks great on this reference.

The watch is powered by the iconic Accutron tuning fork movement. A movement that was the world's first fully electronic watch when launched at the Basel watch fair in 1960. Inside is a 360-Herz tuning fork powered by a one-transistor electronic oscillator, and was the invention of the Bulova engineer Max Hertzel. The standard oscillating rate of a conventional mechanical balance wheel driven watch was approximately 200 times per-second. The new tuning fork mechanism allowed a rate of 360 times which guaranteed an accuracy to just one minute a month. There are two other very distinguishing features to the Accutron; No conventional winding stem with the setting functions located on the case back itself. Next is the sound that the watch makes as it oscillates at this high frequency. An almost humming noise which is very unique to the tuning fork.

The watch is in excellent original condition, and quite likely unpolished. The dial is also excellent with all of the original luminous material in tact, and matured into a lovely color. The watch is keeping great time, such is the beauty of these movements. If you are looking for a sporty watch with a difference, this watch is likely to tick the box. A great looking piece of 1970’s design, a cool moniker, with an interesting movement to power it.


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