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Bulova Type A-II WW2 Aviator's Watch

Bulova Type A-II WW2 Aviator's Watch


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An example of an issued aviator's watch from World War Two. This is a classic, and in many ways, iconic timepiece that would have allowed a number of conscripted service men and women to keep time during their time in theater. The A-II was used across the armed forces and is a very classic example of a paired down, military, essential piece of hardware; matte black dial. clean and bold Arabic numbers. outer minute track. white painted simple hands. Easy to operate larger crown.

The A-II is not a particular model per-se, but instead a production standard that was implemented by the major American watch manufacturers during the period and produced by a number of different Makers; Elgin, Bulova (as with this example) and Waltham.  They were issued in their millions during the course of the war. These watches were not only highly valued personal items for soldiers, pilots, sailors, engineers, and officers, but quickly became crucial equipment to complete mission critical tasks. Needing to survive rough conditions on and off the battlefield, the A-11 military spec required these pieces to be produced to rigorous standards: dust and waterproof casing, extreme temperature resistance, and robust movements with accuracy requirements of +/- 30 seconds per day and a 30 – 56 hour power reserve. That is why many of these watches have survived and can still be worn and enjoyed 70+ years on.

This example is in a 'vintage' worn condition with the chrome plated case showing signs of wear and use.  Again, similar with the Waltham also offered, these watches have a unique charm to them.  They are probably a rare example of a watch that can be enjoyed in such a worn condition without completely compromising the overall aesthetic.  The dial has a scratch around the 3/4 oclock condition which does not overly affect the appearance of the watch, but is being mentioned for transparency. This watch is for the person looking for a robust beater watch for hard wearing and less formal occasions.  Great for the weekend with jeans/chinos and a great leather jacket over a white t-shirt.

Case diameter: 30mm

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